"Bleeping Computer" Article Says Attacks Abusing Programming APIs grew over 600% in 2021

Category: Data Security
Author: NXTsoft

According to an article by Bleeping Computer on research conducted by Salt Security,  analysts warn of a sharp rise in API attacks over the past year, with most companies still following inadequate practices to tackle the problem. More specifically, Salt Security reports a growth of 681% of API attack traffic in 2021, while the overall API traffic increased by 321%

From the article:

API (Application Programming Interface) is a software interface supporting online services that rely on connections to exchange data.These connections need to be secured from unauthenticated access; otherwise, anyone would be able to snatch the content of the interactions between users and programs.An API attack abuses API specifications to perform data breaches, DDoS, SQL injection, man-in-the-middle attacks, spread malware, or allow anyone to authenticate as a user.The risks of these attacks are large-scale and dire, which is why 62% of respondents in Salt Security’s survey have delayed the deployment of applications due to API security concerns.

NXTsoft believes that great connectivity should not compromise security. That is why we offer enhanced security protection and monitoring with every API that we deploy.

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March 7, 2022
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