The Cyber Show, Ep 8: Candy Corn Hacked + More Scary Cyber Stories

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Author: NXTsoft
It's our Halloween episode - so get ready for some scary cybersecurity stories! Just before Halloween, the largest candy corn manufacturer in the country gets hit by ransomware. Plus: A 35 million dollar deep fake bank heist, a new ransomware strain named after a mythological god of the dead, 6 types of spooky malware you want to avoid, and more.
Tune into Episode 8 of The Cyber Show, by ThreatAdvice and NXTsoft - a quirky, non-technical round-up of cybersecurity news, trends, tech, tips, internet miscellany, and more. Happy Halloween!

Want the jump straight to a segment? Use these time code links:
0:00 - Cyber News and Scary Stories
3:23 - 6 Types of Spooky Malware
6:10 - Security's No Joke
6:47 - Hacking the US Water Supply
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October 26, 2021
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