Introducing OmniAlert - S1E9

Category: Podcast , Data Connectivity
Author: NXTsoft

OmniTalk FI is a podcast focusing on Fintech and how it affects banks and credit unions. In today's episode we talk to Bobby Childs, VP of Business Development, and Will Blackburn, CTO. They introduce NXTsoft's newest solution, OmniAlert, discuss the features and benefits, and explain why it's so important to protect your APIs from cyber threats.  

Just like you would never leave your home unprotected from an outside threat, you don't want to leave your APIs vulnerable to malicious attacks. With OmniAlert's 24/7 monitoring services, you never have to worry about the cyber safety of your applications. 


Listen to Part 1 here.

For more information about NXTsoft's newest solution, OmniAlert, and how our team of dedicated professionals can help ensure the safety of your APIs, visit or call 1-800-915-3381


August 17, 2020
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