NXTsoft and Aura Identity Guard Partner to Bring Simplified Cybersecurity Education to Businesses

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Author: Karly Field

Birmingham, Ala., February 24, 2020 – NXTsoft (nxtsoft.com), a company focused on cybersecurity solutions and API connectivity today announced a partnership with Aura Aura Identity Guard (benefits.aura.com), the only comprehensive Cyber Wellness platform to meet consumers’ top-to-bottom device, privacy, and identity security needs. 

NXTSoft and Aura have complementary services that are both targeted at helping businesses and their employees stay safe as they traverse the digital world. Aura will add NXTsoft’s ThreatAdvice Educate to the suite of cybersecurity tools that it offers its customers. 

NXTsoft’s ThreatAdvice Educate cybersecurity education and awareness patform helps businesses educate employees on proper cyber hygiene and works to prevent cyber-attacks by empowering employees to be the first line of defense if a business is the target of a cyber-attack.  

Aura will add ThreatAdvice Educate to its portfolio of preferred service providers, providing customers with best-in-class cyber education services to augment the benefits of its Cyber Wellness security suite.

“Our goal is to protect employers and employees from cyber-crime before it happens,” said Gerry Baldwin, general manager of employer solutions at Aura. “Cybersecurity awareness and training are the first steps in a proactive cybersecurity approach. Our relationship with NXTsoft allows us to offer their ThreatAdvice industry-leading cyber education platform to employers, ensuring employees have the knowledge and skills to avoid cyber-attacks and theft of sensitive company data.” 

“As cyber threats keep evolving and becoming increasingly targeted and complicated, NXTsoft really admires Aura’s goal of simplifying digital security for their customers,” said Brandon Jarrett, president of NXTsoft’s ThreatAdvice platform. “ThreatAdvice Educate complements Aura’s efforts nicely because our cybersecurity education is designed to be easy to understand and put into action,” he said. “If cybersecurity is too complicated and that keeps companies or individuals from taking action to protect themselves, they are putting themselves in an extremely vulnerable position,” Jarrett added. 

About NXTsoft  

NXTsoft headquartered in Birmingham, Ala., and its solutions include data security, data connectivity, data analytics, data management, and data migration. NXTsoft’s products and services help businesses secure, connect and optimize their data to maximize revenue opportunities, enhance profitability, and mitigate cybersecurity risk. For more information, visit www.nxtsoft.com, email info@nxtsoft.com or call 1-800-915-3381.  

About Aura

Aura™ is a technology company dedicated to simplifying digital security for consumers. Through its unified platform of services, Aura uses adaptive technology to enable customers to manage disparate cybersecurity needs – such as device, network, data privacy and identity security – with ease. Trusted by millions of customers, Aura is the digital halo that provides real-time peace of mind. For more information about Aura, visit www.auracompany.com

February 24, 2021
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