Mining Military Data, Blockchain Jacks, CAPTCHAs, and More

Category: Data Security
Author: NXTsoft
Mining military data, blockchain hacks, CAPTCHAs, and more: Enjoy the five most fascinating cybersecurity articles we found this past month. Stay cyber safe!

A NATO group catfished soldiers to prove a point about privacy. It only took $60 and a few fake Facebook accounts.

Once hailed as unhackable, blockchains are now getting hacked. In some cases, attacks make it possible to spend the same cryptocurrency more than once.

Why have CAPTCHAs become so difficult? Demonstrating you’re not a robot is getting harder and harder.

Popular ride-sharing electric scooters can be hacked and remotely controlled. Attackers up to 100 meters away could take over Xiaomi M365s to suddenly brake or accelerate them.

Russia’s state-sponsored hackers go from foothold to full-on breach in just 19 minutes, according to a new report. That’s the world’s fastest, nearly 8 times faster than their North Korean counterparts.
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March 3, 2019