The Advantages of a Cyber Warranty

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Author: Josh Isley

In today’s digital world, having a cybersecurity plan isn’t optional, it’s necessary. However, navigating cybersecurity strategy can be challenging for any business. What are the best investments? How can an organization shore up all its gaps? What happens if a breach still occurs? These are the questions that plague executives every day when reviewing cybersecurity solutions. No one wants to lose valuable data, and no one wants to waste crucial dollars. This makes cyber warranties a desirable asset to any cybersecurity investment. Cyber warranties help guarantee the effectiveness of a solution and provide peace of mind to companies looking to expand cybersecurity efforts. 

What are the advantages of a cyber warranty? 

1. Creates accountability between vendors and customers 

One of the most valuable features of a cyber warranty is that it cuts down exaggerated sales talk and provides customers direct knowledge of the product they are getting. This ensures that the product delivers on every level. 

2. Protects security budgets 

Executives are hesitant to pull the trigger when it comes to spending dollars on increasing cybersecurity. One roadblock many executives face is the what-if factor. If the product fails, then not only was the investment wasteful, but additionally, they are faced with the repercussions of damages caused by a breach. With a cyber warranty, executives can rest assured that the product is useful and that the solution could potentially pay for itself if anything goes wrong. 

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3. Minimizes downtime 

Experiencing a breach is detrimental to an organization on the front-end and can leave lasting wounds for a prolonged period. Many organizations that experience a data breach face their operations being shut down for days (and potentially weeks.) Cyber warranties ensure that incident response is handled swiftly. This minimizes downtime and can also provide reputation control with the general public. 

4. Ensures effective cybersecurity

It is impossible for anyone to guarantee a 100% effective cybersecurity solution. However, cyber warranties can guarantee that if something does go wrong you a prepared to remediate quickly and effectively. A cyber warranty ensures that a vendor has confidence in the cyber solution, but that if you should still experience a cyber event, there is a safety net to protect you. 

NXTsoft’s ThreatAdvice vCISO Warranty 

NXTsoft’s ThreatAdvice vCISO solution now comes with a $500,000 warranty. This warranty covers network security, privacy, privacy notification costs, confidential information extortion, confidential information recovery, business interruption, and PCI. All ThreatAdvice vCISO customers are eligible for this warranty that ensures reimbursement up to $500,000 for losses resulting from certain cyber incidents or breaches occurred during a vCISO contract term. Please visit our website for more information on restrictions and limitations. 

May 6, 2020
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