5 Benefits of Automation Within The Fintech Industry That You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

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Author: Amy Rice

Automation has been a buzzword in the Fintech industry for several years. With the recent pandemic accelerating the pursuit of automation, here are some other benefits automation can provide your business:

Eliminates Re-Keying Errors (Risk Mitigation)

Everyone’s human, and there will always be human errors regardless of one’s level of care and precision. This is the case whenever manual entry is involved. Automating your manual re-keying process cannot only reduce errors, but it can also help to mitigate risk for your institution. This helps to ensure that the data entered into one system is an exact duplicate when it’s entered into a separate / disparate system. 

Frees Up Your Staff To Focus On Higher-Value Work

Let’s face it, there’s always a few tasks associated with every job that everyone hates. What if those time-consuming tasks could be automated? In the case of manually re-keying data from one system to another, it can be! Your team’s time is valuable, and data entry is no one’s favorite task. Leave the connectivity to us, and let your staff focus on what’s important to you: growing your business.

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Enables You To Grow And Expand Your Business 

Automation allows you to take on a higher volume of work without having to hire additional staff. People are a business's most valuable asset. But people are also a business’s most expensive asset.  Automation has the unique ability to help your business grow and expand into other avenues of the industry without adding the expense of additional personnel to your limited budget. This allows you to see an immediate ROI without the costs of onboarding and training additional staff.    

Less Human Interaction Needed

Automated technology permits for reduced levels of human interaction. In a time of social distancing, as institutions are forced to cut costs by operating with less staff, while keeping up with the high demand, automation is the alternative to make everything run smoothly. This allows your team to focus on performing essential tasks without having to worry about manually re-keying data.   

Access Your Solutions From Anywhere (With An Internet Connection) With Cloud-Hosted Automation

Cloud-hosted environments give your employees the ease of being able to access your solutions from anywhere there is an internet connection, without having to worry about security breaches. Enabling secure work remote environments has become a top priority for many businesses. Cloud-based technology gives you the luxury of being able to have access to your information from anywhere, without surrendering the protection afforded by the walls of your institution. A cloud-hosted environment also means that you don’t have to dedicate a portion of your premises to on-site servers. Instead, all your data is stored in a secure hosted platform within the cloud.

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Automation can help make many aspects of your business less time-consuming and more efficient. Take the time to choose your integration partner carefully. Selecting the right solution that fits your specific institution’s needs is essential to the ultimate success of you, your business, and your employees. Let NXTsoft’s team of connectivity professionals evaluate your unique challenges and come up with a plan to integrate your solutions. Email sales@nxtsoft.com or call 1-800-915-3381. 

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May 29, 2020
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