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NXTsoft’s Lending Connectors for Mortgage, Consumer and Commercial assist in alleviating the inconvenience of transferring sensitive loan data securely from a financial institutions’ LOS (Loan Origination System) to their Core Platform.

NXTsoft’s full team of developers have designed this advanced software system to specifically eliminate the process of manual data re-entry between disparate platforms, ensuring that your sensitive loan data stays secure and protected.

The Connector is customized to the specific needs of the institution’s loan types, performing complex functions so that a loan can be seamlessly boarded with a few clicks. Because of the intricate logic that is programmed within the software, the platform must be maintained by our highly trained Client Experience team.

Here are a few other reasons why maintenance is paramount in preserving a properly functioning Connector:

No advanced training needed

In this year of uncertainty, your staff has probably been asked to wear many different hats, we don’t want to add being a “connectivity expert” to that list.

Even though NXTsoft’s Connectorare installed on your own servers (either on-site or remotely) and your employees have access and permissions to configure the software, loan types and logic, in most cases IT staff and users are unfamiliar with the requirements and intricacies of the Connector. We know that having a trained employee on staff that has an expertise in our Connectors is difficult, especially if you are a community institution. We want to take care of that. We have a department of trained professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that our client’s needs are taken care of.

Let us guarantee that your Connectors are maintained and running smoothly, giving you time to take care of everything else.  

Updates may change configuration

Updates are key to maintaining any piece of technology. Your financial institution’s IT department performs regular updates to your desktop computer and servers. These updates are highly beneficial and help to ensure that these systems are working properly, but it could accidently break the  connections your lending software needs to have in place to work efficiently.

Many times, a simple update can have a negative effect on a piece of logic or how the OmniConnect software connects your LOS and Core systems. An experienced NXTsoft Client Experience team member handles resolving issues caused by upgrades on a regular basis and can easily resolve any issue you may run into as a result of an update. 

More than one party is involved

Each OmniConnect Connector relies on at least two outside vendors (an LOS vender and a Core vendor), these vendors typically do not have a full understanding of NXTsoft’s Connector configuration and requirements. 

The purpose of the Connector is to “connect” two complex disparate systems; it is NXTsoft’s job to account for the LOS’s requirements, and the Core platform’s requirements. Because of these factors, even a seemingly minor change or update to a desktop, server, LOSCore system, or even a change made by the user could have a significant impact on the functions Connector that would require our technician to take a look.

In addition, our implementation specialists spend weeks customizing the Connector with the client to modify the connect for the financial institution’s specific codes and making sure it aligns with the way they process loans.  Even a minor change in the loans or workflow could stop the Connector from being able to send data. 

Connectors need a lot of things to remain static in order to perform the function they were programmed to and to not need constant maintenance, and it is not reasonable to think that any of the factors mentioned would remain static for long. 

NXTsoft is here to help! Hardware and software updates, LOS and Core updates, involving multiple parties and not having a connectivity expert on staff could result in more headaches than you are equipped to deal with.

NXTsoft’s Client Experience team has only one job - to ensure that our client’s Connectors are running smoothly and efficiently. This service is included in your NXTsoft contract. We have helped thousands of clients seamlessly integrate their banking systems, turning what was once a stressful situation into something they never have to think about.

For more information on how NXTsoft can help you connect your disparate systems, contact our OmniConnect team of professionals.

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January 6, 2021
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