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Fintech Industry Trends Point Toward Banking Partnerships

Kasasa Partners with NXTsoft’s OmniConnect Marketplace to Deliver Seamless Loan Experience to Community Financial Institutions Partnership provides real-time consumer access to Kasasa Loan

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TRID Reminder

The Future of Open Banking Panel

Partner Spotlight: Abrigo

NXTsoft & First Metro Bank: Partners In Cybersecurity Education & API Connectivity

Reminder to Spend CARES Act Payments by December 30, 2020

NXTsoft Signs Over 500 Banks and Credit Unions in August to OmniAlert Secure API Monitoring Solution

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How A High School Student Cyberattacked The Fourth Largest School District in the Nation

NXTsoft, FirstClose Develop API Partnership to Improve Lending Experience

Extraco Consulting to Partner with NXTsoft For API Connectivity for Financial Institutions

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NXTsoft and BankPoint Partner for API Integration

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CheckAlt Partners with NXTsoft's OmniConnect Marketplace

NXTsoft CARES Charitable Program Makes First Distribution

The Control Assessment Program (CSA) for Audit and Compliance

Towns Fall Victim To Cyberattacks Every Year - Don't Let It Be Yours

Compliance and Vendor Management

COVID-19 Cybersecurity Dos and Don'ts

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State of Alabama Mandates Heightened Cybersecurity Standards for Insurance Industry

OCC Assesses $80 Million Civil Money Penalty Against Capital One

Ransomware in 2020

NXTsoft Rebrands Digitel Business Unit as ThreatAdvice by NXTsoft

ProcessMaker and NXTsoft Announce Strategic Partnership

Interview with Cadence Founder and CEO, Nelson Chu, Part 2 - S1E8

Cybersecurity Threats Endanger Business Data and Customers

NXTsoft Announces its Inaugural What's NXT Virtual User Conference

Keep Your Mobile Devices Safe with These Tips

NXTsoft Launches First Fintech Only, Core or Ancillary Vendor Independent, Open Banking Marketplace

Interview with Cadence Founder and CEO, Nelson Chu, Part 1- S1E7

NXTsoft Delivers New API Security Monitoring Solution to Its Financial Institution Client Base

Cybersecurity Awareness Barriers

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Risk Management For Cloud Computing Services

Bringing APIs to Marketplaces

Refresher Private Flood Insurance vs. NFIP

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Regulation V and Cares Act and Other Policy Statement Items (CFPB)

Flood Insurance Coverage Review

Ways Cybersecurity Can Help Your Staff Return to Work Safely

Consumer Lending Documentation Reminder

Data Conversion and What it Means for You - S1E6

Commercial Lending Documentation Reminder

NXTsoft’s Cybersecurity Education Solution Re-Certified by State of Texas Department of Information Resources

How To Protect Yourself From Ransomware: 5 Steps

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What Is An API?

Best Practices for Integrating a SIEM Solution

Where Fintech Is and Where It's Going - S1E5

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Open Banking Tech Ecosystems Encourage Innovative Advantages

What Should You Do If You Get Breached?

APIs in the Banking Industry

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Current Expected Credit Loss: Final Interagency Policy Statement

Insider Threats from the C-Suite

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Securing APIs in an Open Banking Platform

NXTsoft Launches OmniAlert, A Secure Fintech API Connectivity Monitoring Solution

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Fintechs and financial institutions are digitizing their processes to better assist their customers during social distancing

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